The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

Hi, my name is Warren Slaght and I live in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. I am an avid Age Group triathlete and wanted to share my story about how I got a start in this great sport.

My journey to becoming a triathlete late in life started with my family’s concern for my personal health and well being. From being fairly active in sports when younger, I had become a middle aged couch sitter! TV was my buddy and I was not healthy physically or emotionally. The encouragement to get active also came from friends who were cycling the 327 km Seattle to Portland ride annually (STP). In 2013, they encouraged me to buy a road bike, (bought a Trek Domane 2.0). We started doing 1.5 – 5 hour training rides. A total activity shock for me.

I completed my first STP two day ride in the summer of 2014. It was a great challenge but I loved every minute of the experience. In 2015, my friends and I ramped up the training distances and completed the STP in a long 14 hour day. I was tired but totally hooked!

In a weak moment following that event, I accepted the challenge to enter the 2016 Vancouver Subaru standard distance Iron Man event. We thought this would be a great event be more disciplined in our training and cause us to focus more on our cycling skills. It was a great challenge to get back in the pool to swim laps after a 40 year hiatus. The run was not so bad as I eventually got my legs moving after the bike ride. The race was a blast. I remember thinking as I came out of the water after the 1.5 km swim, I’m still alive … so bring it on!!

I finished the swim with two friends. We all had our personal challenges but we became Triathlon believers!!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton